Is Forex Fury Reliable? |🥇 Read here before investing

O Forex Fury really is the best robot of Forex Trading? We did a complete review telling the truth about this robot. We want to evaluate the robot's performance on real accounts through the Myfxbook platform.

So don't buy Forex Fury until you've read everything we've researched! In our review, we put proofs and ratings from customers who bought this robot, so you'll get an insight into the robot's efficiency. Keep reading.

Forex Fury what is it?

forex furyO Forex Fury is a scalping robot that has been operating on Metatrader since 2016. But, there are previous records of the robot in 2015, which is the creation date of the robot.

The robot is known in the market for forex signals for having 93% assertiveness, 466% accumulated earnings, over 5 years of development, 60 updates and an aggressive trading profile.

In theory, the robot is described as one of the best robots in the last 10 years. There are backtestings proving the valuation in real accounts. Forex Fury performs 100% automatic trades on any currency pair, but it doesn't perform well on all.

All results from this robot are on the Myfxbook website. This site gathers real and statistical information about robot trading operations. So, before relying on Forex Fury results, we did a brief review on Myfxbook. Throughout this article we separate information that proves the real performance.

Does Forex Fury work?

Yes, all our research indicates that Forex Fury works. But the best way to work, according to the developers, is to use the robot in different currency pairs within 15 minutes or M15. Forex Fury will carry out short trades and will open up to 7 orders at a time.

In this way, it is possible to find the best investment opportunity. The configuration on the M15 is a requirement for the Forex Fury to work properly. This information is described in the developer's manual, so in order for your profit expectations to be met test Forex Fury with this strategy on various currency pairs.

On the official website you can download it for free to test the free version of the software. Testing you important Forex Fury features such as:

  • Open more than 7 orders, with a maximum of 7 at a time
  • Does not hold trades for a long period, only scalping
  • It's quick to open orders and close them on the M15
  • 100% automatic on Forex

An important detail about how it works, you should buy Forex Fury software on the official website. Well, there are more than 60 updates and pirated versions are not updated. We know that unfortunately there are outdated versions of the robot, this will harm your investment capacity. In addition to not having:

  • Installation support
  • Updates to new versions
  • Help in setting up the strategy
  • Security

How does Forex Fury v4 work?

The new version Forex Fury v4 accompanies the range filter, responsible for automating the trading process and determining possible market variations in the short term. That is, even if you do not operate, you will see possible movements on the chart.

The range filter is a way for you to predict the current trend and your success rate in the operation.

how does forex fury work

The new robot also has a range filter, for example, try opening 2 trading accounts with the same robot. However, the reports we found about this functionality showed a small success rate.

Investors did the range filter test underperformed on the second account. In other words, it doesn't pay to open two accounts. This is an additional risk you shouldn't take with the Forex Fury v4 version.

Forex Fury does martingale?

Yes, the new version makes martingale, this is a new strategy to quickly recoup your investment. However, the investor can disable in case you find it risky! We know you have a high probability of winning with martingale, but it is not suitable for low bankrolls. You don't want to work with a robot making negative progression, as there is a 50% chance of not recovering what was lost.

So it is interesting to use martingale by adjusting the recovery factor, eg choose to recover lost capital in 1 order martingale, no more! Just recover what was previously lost, don't aim for profit.

Is Forex Fury Reliable?

From what we can assess in our research, yes, this robot is described as one of the best in the last 10 years, there is backtesting proving the valuation in real accounts. We saw the percentages of Gain on myfxbook in real accounts in automatic mode, they were up to 85,22%.

forex fury performance

But, in the demo account, the maximum valuation reached 737%. Most likely investors have adjusted the Forex Fury on the demo account to be more aggressive, hence this significant difference between values. we do not observe no negative performance, all real and demo accounts have appreciated.

drawdown forex furyBut beware, it is necessary to consider that the financial market has risks, no operation is guaranteed even with proof of efficiency. We also consider a drawdown value below 10% as good. So accounts with percentages above 10% are not good!

The higher the robot's drawdown, the lower your bankroll. In other words, the greater the chance of breaking, buying a robot with high DD is a mistake, as it offers more risk to your account. However, the percentage varies with robot settings.

For example, in the test the robot has better drawdown performance on the USD/JPY pair. The maximum drawdown was 11.73% to 199% appreciation. But in the EUR/USD pair the Forex Fury drawdown reached 54% to 149% appreciation, that's not a good balance.

The risk is higher depending on robot configuration, time and currency pairs. That's why it's important to do full backtesting to decide if the robot is reliable for your operating style!

How to login to Forex Fury?

First you need to install the Forex Fury robot. To do this, just follow our step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Download the robot: the downloaded file name is forex

Step 2: Extract the file to your computer

Step 3: Then open your MT4 platform > Data Folder > Double click on MQL4 > Open Forex Fury.ex4 in Experts Folder > sidebar under “Library” click on Forex Fury.

Step 4: Close MT4 and open it again!

Step 5: Ready! Once that's done, your robot is installed, just go to the "members area" and login.

After login and authentication of the account, remember to set the robot for 15 minutes period. In this way, orders occurred efficiently as the developers asked.

Download now

Forex Fury download

Forex Fury is a free-licensed software for testing at official website download the trial version before purchasing. That way you can test the performance on demo and real account. Remember that the most downloaded version is Forex Fury v4 free download.

Downloaded, install your robot on MT4 and test the performance in the forex market. In some internet testimonials, investors report that it is possible to download the pirated version. But be careful, don't trust insecure and unreliable sites. We don't know what kind of information and dirt can come in a free internet archive. Always be suspicious! Your account, personal and financial information will be compromised on pirate robots! Besides being a risk to your computer.

Is it worth buying Forex Fury?

This robot has been on the market since 2015, but it has different results and approaches according to currency pairs and investor configurations. There are many success stories that confirm that it is worth buying.

But, it is not possible to say 100% that the fury will be consistent across your account as it depends on market condition, configuration and currency pairs. On the other hand, the results of advanced trading technique compared to other robots impress investors.

forex fury download

Forex Fury works like scalping, so the market needs to be volatile to be able to quickly and efficiently take advantage of fluctuations in your trading.

Most investors like the scalping strategy, around 71% of the ratings on TrustPilot prove customer satisfaction.

forex fury is good

Despite the good valuations, there is no certainty of gains with Forex Robots, they can lose. There is no tool in the financial market that is 100%.

Forex Fury Reviews

There are more than 100 real reviews on TrustPilot, let's say this is an extremely praised software in the forex market. To make sure the reviews are 100% real, we use TrustPilot auditing, a trusted website to review products and services.

We found positive and negative reviews, with an average of stars with 4.2, considered good on the platform.

These two are accounts that give different perspectives of people who have been successful using robots and people who have had defeats.

Positive evaluation: 

Negative feedback:

Analyzing the Forex operations of the investor who was unsuccessful with the robot. We noticed that the chart time was not 15 minutes as suggested by the developer and the broker spread was high. These two factors contributed to the client's financial loss in scalping operations.

Final considerations

The best version of Forex Fury is version 4 updated, remember not to buy the outdated robot will probably not suit your needs. The forex fury v4 version is available for testing so you can understand the robot's functionalities. Mainly in which currencies you operate best, adjust your stop loss, install and configure it according to your trading style.

It is important to say that the Forex Fury robot it's not 100%, there were losses, but it's considered a great tool in its updated version!